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imageBest Bitcoin Wallets To Use 2021.
A digital wallet gives you the ability to store Bitcoin and or other cryptocurrencies. This wallet then can be used to send and receive digital currencies to other users with digital wallets. Without a wallet you can not buy or receive cryptocurrencies. With Bitcoin for example, when you register with an online wallet, you will be provided with a Wallet Address. Some services allow you to create multiple wallets for tracking or organizing purposes.
Below we list some of the popular digital wallets that are used for storing Bitcoin using both online services and offline devices.
Online & Mobile Wallets.
Abra makes investing in cryptocurrencies very easy. The minute you sign-up, you can instantly fund your account via debit card, credit card, American Express card, and or a crypto deposit. You can deposit funds via your bank account as well, but that should take 1-2 business days for funds to reach your Abra wallet. Once funded, you will be to exchange between digital assets or use as payments by withdrawing to any external address.
Abra allows you to invest and manage over 30 cryptocurrencies. Build your portfolio anyway you see fit. Their platform is private and secure, the wallet provided to you is backed by the Bitcoin blockchain. This means you can safely hold your digital assets using your Abra Wallet.
Abra provides one of the best mobile app experiences for a Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency wallet. The user interface is well designed and easy to use. You will be able to setup your portfolio quickly. Abra is available in 150 countries and growing. You can get started with Abra today by downloading the mobile app from the Google Play or Apple Store.
Buy Bitcoin Buy and Manage up-to 30 Cryptocurrencies Supports Debit Cards, BNB Credit Cards, American Express, and Bank Transfers Send / Receive / Exchange Wallet Address Mobile App Only.
Download Abra Wallet Today Get $25 Free in Bitcoin After First Deposit.
Coinbase is one of the leading platforms for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading. Coinbase allows you to Buy, Sell, cryptocurrency Send, Receive, and Trade cryptocurrencies. The digital coins that they offer services to are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Ripple. Each digital coin offered on their platform comes with a unique Wallet Address that you can use to receive transactions from.
Coinbase gives you the ability to create as many unique wallet addresses as you like. You can label each of your generated wallet addresses for tracking or analytical purposes. Coinbase makes having a digital wallet very easy, especially since you can buy digital coins instantly with a credit card or debit card. The minimum to fund your wallet is $1 versus other services that charge a minimum of $50.
Coinbase is known for having an excellent online platform to use. The layout is easy to understand and processing transactions are fast and secure. They also offer a comprehensive and user friendly mobile app as well if you find yourself using your mobile phone more often than your computer.
Buy Bitcoin Buy and Manage up-to 10 Cryptocurrencies Supports Debit Cards, Credit Cards, and Bank Transfers Send / Receive / Exchange / Trade (Coinbase Pro) Wallet Address Online & Mobile App.
Sign-up with Coinbase here Get $10 Free in Bitcoin with deposit of $100 or more.
Coinomi is a popular wallet that has been around for a while and is continuously making improvements to their platform and functionality. Coinomi allows you to use their platform through their mobile or desktop app. Whether you decide to store your cryptocurrency on either system, Coinomi allows you to perfectly sync both. This way any transactions made through either your desktop app or mobile app will always be up-to-date.
Coinomi supports multiple operating systems such as Windows, MacOS and Linux. They make sure that no matter what system you are on, you will be able to make transaction safely and securely. Some of the digital currencies supported by the platform are Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Aelf, Aeron, Abyss, Dash, Doge, Ethereum, Litecoin and more. Supporting over 125 blockchains, making it one of the biggest in the industry.
Credit Card & Debit Card payments are now supported with Coinomi. Powered by Simplex, you can fund your crypto wallets easily. Keep in mind that the purchase minimum is $50. Other popular features on the platform are Cold Staking which allows you grow your assets and One-time backup which allows you to recover your wallet(s) with a strong passphrase.
Buy Bitcoin Buy and Manage up-to 125 Cryptocurrencies Supports Debit Cards & Credit Cards (using Simplex) Send / Receive / Exchange Wallet Address Mobile App Only. provides you with wallet for both Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash only. This platform is straight forward and allows you to access your wallet either online through the website or on your mobile device through the mobile app. You can send a receive Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash safely and securely using their platform.
Easily pay family, friends or Business Associates without QR codes or long addresses. makes transactions with cryptocurrency very simple. Be full in control of your digital currency with Private Keys which allow you to securely transfer your funds out of the platform anytime you want. Your private keys are in your control. wallet is available for both Android and iOS devices.
Supports Bitcoin & Bitcoin Cash Send / Receive Wallet Address Online & Mobile App.
Blockchain is one the leaders in industry when it comes to cryptocurrencies. Besides being one of the most used platforms when it comes to viewing transaction data, Blockchain offers the world a free crypto wallet that can be used to send and receive digital currencies across their secure network.
To get your own Blockchain Wallet, you can simply sign-up on their website, log in and get started right away. You also have the option of downloading their mobile app which allows to trade cryptos on the go or anywhere at your convenience. Blockchain currently only supports Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Stellar.
A new addition to the platform is the ability to Buy and Sell Bitcoin directly to your wallet. This option is not yet available for New York residence. Upon signing up for the option to Buy or BNB Sell, you will know if your region is supported. Another addition to the platform is The Pit, which allows you to trade cryptocurrencies on the market.
Blockchain is one of the most recognizable wallets because of its transparency, security and ease of use.
Buy Bitcoin Buy and Manage up-to 5 Cryptocurrencies Supports Debit Cards & Credit Cards Send / Receive / Exchange Wallet Address Online & Mobile App.
AnkerPay is a multicurrency wallet that allows you to store your cryptocurrencies in a safe place. They provide you with a mobile wallet which is accessible through their mobile app. Store or Binance transfer Bitcoin as well as other cryptocurrencies to other wallets or use them as payments for online and in-store purchases.
Setup is quick and easy. All that is required of you is to download the app and sign-up with AnkerPay to get started. They also have a desktop app that you can download and install on your computer. AnkerPay along with AnkerChain provides some neat features which benefit the end user such as One Click Node Setup, AnkerSavings, Anonymous Transactions, and more.
Buy Bitcoin Buy and Manage up-to 7 Cryptocurrencies Supports Debit Cards & Credit Cards (using Simplex) Send / Receive Wallet Address Mobile App Only.
Bitcoin Hardware Wallets.
Trezor One.

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